Artworks with Bible verses (ENG)

Some of my artworks with my Bible verses on them – mostly  NIV, and ESV translations, but at times other translations are used as well.

I add verses to my artwork in a way Holy Spirit guides me, but at times by Lord's mercy someone tells me the verse they would like to see on the artwork, and then I put it there. If you see an artwork, and feel that you would like to see a certain verse on it, please contact me via, and I will be happy to do so.

Whenever God is being mentioned as third person (He, Him, His, etc.), He is capitalized – most of English translations don't capitalize God in third face , but Russian translation does, and I feel He should be.

All images are scaled at 8x10 and ready to be printed. They can be downloaded freely and used non-commercially at any rate.

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Artworks with Bible Verses (RUS)

Some of my artworks with my Bible verses on them – Russian translation.

Все работы имеют масштаб 8 на 10 дюймов и готовы к распечатке. Все работы могут быть загружены свободно и использованы некоммерчески без каких-либо ограничений.

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