Greetings a lonely visitor,

   In 2009 when I first got interested in photography, I was primarily after landscape & fall leaves shots. In the next few years I got heavily drawn onto candid / street portraits and sports photography.

   Since the fall of 2014, I discovered the world of digital photo art. The possibilities of digital photo art are enormous, but I am primarily interested in transforming a photo, so it starts looking somewhere between a photograph and a painting. When it comes to subjects for photo art, I tend to focus on nature, landscape, rural scenery, and sometimes old mechanisms.

   I invite you to visit my portfolio and discover the best of my works from all spectrums mentioned above. I also have a section which is being frequently updated - it is titled Projects. There were different projects across my photo journey, but currently the only active one is Artworks in Christ. It is where I add Bible verses to some of my artworks. I have two sections there - Russian and English. All of those artworks are readily available for download at 10x8 inch format. Feel free to visit the Projects section of the website to learn more.

   Currently, I reside in Central PA, USA and always open to any ideas for photo projects or alike. The best way to get in touch with me is by email:      


                               Thank you for visiting and come again!

                                                                              Art(em) Balashov

October 5, 2021