Greetings a lonely visitor,

   In 2009 when I first got interested in photography, I was primarily after landscape & fall leaves shots. In the next few years I got heavily drawn onto candid / street portraits and sports photography.

   Since the fall of 2014, I discovered the world of digital photo art. The possibilities of digital photo art are enormous, but I am primarily interested in transforming a photo, so it starts looking somewhere between a photograph and a painting. When it comes to subjects for photo art, I tend to focus on nature, landscape, rural scenery, and sometimes old mechanisms.

   I invite you to visit my portfolio and discover the best of my works from all spectrums mentioned above. I also have a section which is being frequently updated - it is titled Projects. There were different projects across my photo journey, but currently the only active one is Artworks in Christ. It is where I add Bible verses to some of my artworks. The largest sections would be English and Russian translations, but I also translated some of those to Ukrainian, Kyrgyz, and Tajik languages. 

All of the artworks are readily available for download at 10x8 inch format. Feel free to visit the Projects section of the website to learn more.

Also, once upon a time I had this idea of making videos of scenic walking / driving. Unfortunately, I made only a handful number of videos on the topic - you can check them out on Scenic Journeys part of the website.

   Currently, I reside in Arlington, VA, USA and always open to any ideas for photo projects or alike. The best way to get in touch with me is by email:      


                               Thank you for visiting and come again!

                                                                              Art(em) Balashov

March, 2023