About - artvbal

Hello lonely visitor,

I guess I could define myself as someone heavily interested in candid / street portraits as well as in candid (documentary) photography overall. In the same time, nature, sports, and cars photography in general tends to have a degree of attraction for me. Lately, I have been interested in doing a bit of photo-journalism of sorts – before I would just take pictures on the basis of “interesting moment” mostly, and now I am longing to get some sort of meaningful written description for the image(s) I take.

As for the website, the main idea is to showcase my portfolio, which divided into 3 major categories – color, black and white, and photo art (turning photos into “paintings”) and many conceptual sub-categories (for color and B&W). You are more than welcome to discover those via Portfolio section

In addition, might you be interested reading some of my photo-journalism attempts, feel free to visit Blog section of website.

Geographically, I am located in State College, PA, USA and always open to any ideas for photo projects or alike. The best way to get in touch with me is by email: artvbal@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting and come again!

                                                                                                            Art Balashov, April 4, 2014